Customer service at NotRot and 123

Has anyone attempted to deal with NotRot or 123 in terms of customer service and or tech support?

NotRot’s OK; 123–don’t know, never tried it & NEVER would.

Hey, thanks for the feedback. I thought 123Notary was ‘the other’ essential place to have presence?

Oh, it is one of the essentials…am a paying customer there. Just have never dealt with their customer service and, due to many comments by many people, would avoid it if at all possible.

Gotcha… Carmen’s taking care of me, she’s Wonder Woman. Thanks Ms Richter! Your advice and perspective have been wonderful.

Notary Rotary (NotRot) is outstanding. They have been around a long time. Excellent pricing on supplies if you are a member. They (Traci Shoemacher & Hubby) ALWAYS respond. Jeremy at 123 is like psycho.

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123 notary is the go to place for Title companies I get my jobs from being on there. I turn down all notary signing agencies. They want you to do their work for $75 when they get $250. Then they won’t pay you for 30-60 days. Sometimes will never pay you!

I couldn’t agree more, my brother.

Definitely stay away from 123. Not only have I had very negative experiences (they cancelled my account for no reason, unprofessional phone calls, hasn’t refunded money or provided materials) there are many others that have experienced the same.

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I use 123 Notary for a website to post my information. It seems to be a good company. I also use Notary Rotary.

Good call. Add Notary Cafe.