Cyberizeit is it worth the monthly fee?

I was thinking about signing up for cyberizeit is anyone using this platform and isn’t worth it? Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

Well, I wish I thought of it first! :grin:What a great idea to come up with a business idea for others to pay you every month or every year to sign up with your RON platform whether they get the business or not. :grin: …… no thanks.


Lol thanks for that lol

I would call them and ask 2 questions:

  1. What are the list of clients that use their platforms to push out work through them? I would imagine Lenders/TCo’s need to pay for a similar plan to push out work through their platform.
  2. How many assignments did they push out in your area (zip codes you serve) within the last year?
  3. If your satisfied with the answers you get to the first 2 questions, ask to see if they have a DEMO for their platform, as some of them are very “messy.”
    The rest is math from there.
    From what I can see, the PRO is you can bring your own clients in and you can conduct practice sessions (if your a paid member). The CONS, if you use their journal, they only hold it for 10 years, and looks like they only are onboarding for 34 states (so check to see that your state is on that list)
    Hope this helps!

In my opinion, they are very reasonable. They not advertise themselves as a “come here, we’ll give you work” They are very much a reasonably priced platform that is accepted in a lot of states and as with any other business tool, you need to market yourself and bring your own clients.

Their marketing states “hybrid - bring your own as well as you MIGHT obtain work from the platform” Many of the more expensive programs are not like that, or they’re confusing, point-based or some other such nonsense.

I’ve seen them post almost every single day that “there is a job on the platform” or “someone needs a witness at Xo’clock”

If there was any RON out there ‘giving away’ work, we’d all be on it, I know I would :slight_smile: That is not the purpose of most platforms.