Hello, I just accepted a Purchase signing for this company and I have never heard of them. I see one comment on this forum saying they never got paid. The BBB has both good and bad reviews. The appt is for tomorrow and I’m not sure I want to work for them.

No personal experience here except I know she’s been in business for a long time, first as a notary then expanding to training, certifications, applications & E&O, etc etc -

I will say she’s in Florida, and it’s 6:40pm here right now - if you’re even remotely considering not doing the job, please let her know sooner rather than later.

Good luck

Why not call them up and discuss what you’ve found out about them? Use your good judgment and perceptive skills to decide if the fee is worth the chance.

I have not been stiffed yet (except for $50 from Bilingual Brothers Notary) by following the advice I’ve offered.

TIP: Most of us wouldn’t use a dry cleaners that we didn’t know. Why then would [sometimes blindly?] accept a job from a complete stranger signing service that has less than great reviews?

Thank you for the quick response. I tried calling the Title Company that is listed on the order to see if they are familiar with them, but they said they do not have the signers name listed, The documents haven’t been uploaded yet so I feel a smidge better if I do have to cancel. And yes I would never back out of an accepted signing without discussing it first with the company that hired me. I sent them a message asking for the Title Company’s contact persons phone number so I would have it if there was an issue a the closing. If that doesn’t work then I will defiantly call them.

Thank you

I haven’t been stiffed yet either (knock on wood), and have been lucky so far working for signing companies I haven’t heard of. And now I’m getting repeat business from them. I will defiantly call them if I do end up cancelling, but I most likely will go ahead and do the closing because I have never cancelled on a signing that I gave my word to doing by accepting it. I will just have to cross my fingers and hope for the best.
Thank you so much for your quick response.

You’re a good notary and you’re doing the right thing. We read about soooo many notaries that get stiffed or they cannot collect their fees and lose their stuff over $95. Better they should build in some loss prevention measures and forget about collecting the fee after a couple of attempts.

Look, I really dislike having to dun SS for my hard-earned fees, but it’s part of the grind, I guess. I look at it this way. . .

A guy cuts me off on the road and it was a close one. I get pissed and, in my own car, mind you, I start yelling at the guy and use some poorly chosen expletives. He can’t hear me and in 20 seconds I can’t even see him on the road anymore. I’ve used up precious energy and gotten all red and hot an everything and he doesn’t even know it. What’s worse is in 2 minutes, I won’t even remember the incident. So, what just happened?

Better to let it go, be more careful (maybe it was partially my fault, even) and get on to my destination.

See the lesson? I wish I did more often.

Well! if I don’t get paid, I will let you know if I can write if off on my taxes as a loss. LOL

I have a feeling you’ll get paid.

This is an interesting topic/concept @Bobby4913. I have yet to learn of any SS who provides reviews of what we do (outside of public platforms) linked to our direct business name (Google, Yelp, Thumbtack, etc.). And these reviews are usually related to GNW. And even on those platforms, we don’t get credit (in reviews) for the signings we do, as we are not at the table representing “Jane Doe’s Mobile Notary Service.” I can’t imagine how it would go over if someone left you a Google review on how “great Jane Doe was on our REFI with John’s Bank.” We get robbed from a lot in this business!

When engaging a new or unfamiliar SS or TC I’ll take one signing to see what happens. It it turns out to be a no pay I’ll never accept another job from them. This applies to slow payers. If they start slow paying I stop taking assignments.

Hello, I just wanted to give an update on Cynanotary. They paid without me having to ask for payment. It took about six weeks to get paid.

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