Dating the DOT - what is the right date

so if the DOT was backdated to lets say March 2020 and i was asked to go obtain signatures today (6/11) what date do the signers sign the DOT. doesn’t it have to be todays date even if the DOT states March on it? i know the acknowledgement is todays date so wouldn’t the borrowers also sign the DOT with todays date?

Always the same date as the signing date! Never ever sign a backdated doc! Especially DOT. Why would the DOT dated March if the signer is signing it today?

They had the DOT doc dated March 2020. I had them date today’s date

There is a lot of misinformation as to what constitutes “back dating docs”. Back dating is when they want you to date your notary acknowledgement to a previous date.

The date of the DOT does NOT have to be the same date as the day you are signing. It just can’t be in the future, like they’re signing today and it’s dated for tomorrow. There are a very few lenders who require the docs be signed the day they are drawn, and it ends up that way with refi’s a lot but I do mostly escrow direct and my docs are dated the day before all the time. That just means the day they were drawn and nothing more. Your borrowers and you, all use the current date to sign. My signing on Monday had docs drawn on Friday so my journal has date of signing 6/15/2020 and date of doc 6/12/2020.

That being said, your example would not fly because if you have March loan docs because their first payment would be due May 1st. If the date being signed is in the next month or after, the lender or escrow should be told because they would probably have to be redrawn. It’s common for a few days difference for loan docs but not months or even a month.

However, if it’s a Grant Deed or anything else, it can be drawn in March and signed in June with no issues at all.


What if it was last week and I had to redo the DOT. Would it be last weeks date or today’s date?

I am not sure why dates were March on a set. Just wasn’t clear on their date if I acknowledged one day I feel they sign and date and always date the moment they are signing

Sorry, I don’t know why I don’t get notifications for replies. The date of the document is just that. The date of the document. As long as that date is not in the future, you have them sign and date the day of the signing and you put the date of the signing in they notary area.

If you have to “redo”, it would be the same thing. Signing and dating with the date you are doing it.