Debt Settlement Signings

Hello! I’m new here - less than one month in.

I wanted to thank the consistent contributors because you all have really helped accelerate the learning curb. From appropriate fee structures (6 signings to date, everything between $110-$135)), to knowing what to anticipate when conducting signings in a strangers home.

I am extremely grateful for the feedback I’ve read on debt settlement signings. My first every assignment was for a debt settlement. Being giddy about my first signing, I accepted without hesitation. Reviewed all the documents and it immediately felt off putting. Zero language that can reassure the client there’s any good faith effort made to settle their debts but absolutes in regards to their fee structure. Against my better judgment (and before reading about them here and elsewhere) I proceeded with the signing…

After submitting the scanbacks and immediately researching a notaries full scope - I am confident that signing your name as a representative of one of these debt consolidation law firms, makes you liable. Regardless of how you verbalize how much of a disinterested party you are.

I’ve received request for two more of those since then and both have been denied. One of those sneakingly left off the type of signing it was until I called and ask.

Anyway, thanks again. I am grateful for this forum.


You are on the right path. Congratulations! May you have a prosperous year!

I agree, this is a great forum. And it’s the only place I paid an annual fee for:)

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@mmichel54 WoW!

Thank you for your thoughts, experience, and feedback! Grateful to you for sharing your appreciation.


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Stay safe out there mmichael54!

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