Deed of Trust questions

In a refi package mailed directly to client, there were two notarization forms attached to the deed of trust, both which the bank asked me to notarize. The first one was for the deed, the second one said “request for full reconveyance” on bottom. Should I notorize the second form??

Who is signing the Request for Full Reconveyance?

Found this definition:

“What is the meaning of full reconveyance?
A deed or reconveyance is a document issued by a mortgage holder indicating that the borrower is released from the mortgage debt and transfers the property title from the lender, also called the beneficiary, to the borrower, also called the trustor.”

Based on this I’m going to say the current lender (or the lender being paid off) signs this, and unless they appear in front of you to acknowledge that, then no, you do not notarize it. That’s something lender has to handle internally (or appear in front of you). Now, on the other hand, if your signers are the ones who signed it then yes, you’d notarize THEIR signatures on it…but no one else’s unless they appear before you.

The reconveyance is signed by the leinholder or lender when the loan is paid off and the lender signs it. It is NOT notarized by the notary doing the closing.

The Reconveyance has wording for the Mortgage, not the notary.