Deluxe EChecks are worthless

I cash mine all the time with both of my bank

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Yes here on the Emerald Coast of NW Florida we have 2 Credit Unions…Navy & Eglin. NFCU stopped accepting our Printed checks months ago But Eglin still accepts them…Thank Goodness!

I am still able to deposit my checks at Idaho Central Credit Union utilizing mobile deposit. I did speak to a signing service a few months ago who stated they had problems with Notaries downloading/saving the check then printing and depositing the payment twice. It was a nightmare for them to straighten out and they indicated they were going away from EChecks.

I’m in the process of reviewing E-Checks. The fraud potential is high, but I’m also not a fan of paying extra dollars to get paid. In the long run either I’ll add additional fees to cover my cost or possibly abandon this all together.

I had trouble with mobile deposit of these checks until someone from Deluxe E Checks told me to draw lines on the back and sign on the lines. They come across as a regular check and I haven’t had trouble since. Good luck. That’s very frustrating.

I have been depositing e checks for years. I use a main stream bank. I used to put them in the night drop and now deposit electronically. Never had a problem. Just make sure your printer is set to fit to print. Otherwise tou might not print the account info on the bottom. I also print those in color.

I deposit electronically but you do have to trim off about 1/4" under the account coding numbers. And your bank should accept it because it has all the required information on it.

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