Deluxe EChecks are worthless

So I knew that my bank (Navy Federal Credit Union) would no longer accept Deluxe E Checks (the kind they email you and you print at home, for the uninitiated) by mobile deposit. So I took it in to a branch today and learned that they don’t accept them AT ALL anymore. I asked to see it in writing and he couldn’t find the written guidance - said it was on an external website - but he said something to the effect of they don’t consider them legal tender anymore.

I “thought” he said that the FDIC doesn’t consider them legal tender, but I could be mistaken. If you’re still having luck with these, hooray, but now I have to go back to my vendor and ask them to reissue payment. Wonderful.

I deposit my Deluxe eChecks via mobile deposit on my phone with Bank of America. No problems…I like the convenience of printing and depositing right after…


I recommend that you ask to speak to the big boss/ regional manager. The CEO if you have too. This individual obviously doesn’t know anything about Deluxe ECheck which widely accepted everywhere.

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I had this issue last year with NFCU. I asked the vendor to reissue, they sent me a live check from Deluxe and it was still denied. I opened up an account with Chase and complete my mobile deposits with them. NFCU gave me such a hard time with no explanation.

I deposited one this week. Funds are accepted at Wells Fargo online banking.

Open a bank account at Citi, Wells Fargo or Bank of America for a small amout without monthly service charge. Use this account to cash your Deluxe checks.

The ATM a SunCoast Credit will not accept them, nor did SunTrust, but it must have been a physical issue as the cashier accepted them without a problem.

I’ve had tellers refuse them, then others deposit them. Because so many of mine come through this way, I only take them to the one branch for deposit. I just log when I deposit them, as I’ve had some later be cancelled and I have to go back and have the branch research and resubmit. They pulled my check from the tellers batch, and sent me a reject notification. Luckily, I kept the stub and took a picture after endorsing. (technically since it’s downloaded I could have reprinted, but I caught it same day)

Deluxe has an option for direct deposit but they do charge a fee. The check option has no fee but some banks require you to deposit with a teller, especially if the check won’t go through an autoteller/ATM machine.

I was having that problem but I called my bank and explained that this is a business account and that is the way my clients pay me. Once I said that, I had no more issues with them accepting the check via mobile deposit or in person. It may be worth a shot! I also should add that I’m with a small in town bank.

I would try the mobile deposit. Just trim the bottom of the check a bit. I had trouble with the mobile deposit until i started to do that and im with Wells Fargo

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They are a credit union and have the sole discretion to decide what is eligible and ineligible. The also don’t allow you to deposit money orders or American Express traveler’s checks. It doesn’t make them not legal tender, it’s just a policy. A policy they put into place over a year ago. Since it is widely known they don’t accept them, most notaries just simply switched banks to someone not so restrictive.

The only problem I’ve had with Mobile Deposit and Deluxe eChecks is with one specific vendor. They always print a little lower on the page (it’s actually the bottom of the check once you cut it off). Because there’s more “white space” below the MICR encoding, the Mobile Deposit program has difficulty decoding the numbers. So, it gets rejected as invalid.

The solution is to cut approximately 1/8" off the bottom of the check and rescan. It works every time!

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Credit unions (perhaps) do not fall under the same federal banking laws as banks. Consumers have special recourse such as complaints and redress of issues if a ‘bank’ does not follow federal banking laws. Credit unions have more leeway as the operate under a similar but different set of rules. One of my credit unions refused at the counter saying they don’t take them anymore. So I did as suggested on a fb group and I turned it over a drew a line then placed my signature in the box and made an eDeposit with my primary credit union ~ No Problem :slight_smile: You can try this but be sure to use a ruler and draw a thick line on the back like normal checks. I found this very simple and I don’t need and atm. good luck :slight_smile:

I’ve always been able to do a mobile deposit. It’s so much more convenient too.

I had to do pdf and then flip the check.

Very Disappointing that Navy Dumped this Option!!

Been mobile depositing mine since Jan ‘21 Florida Credit Union.

When I first started receiving e-checks, my bank refused to accept them unless they were deposited in person. I also noticed that if you don’t print them double sided the back of those checks is blank and I think that triggers the rejection at the ATM. I now print double-sided so that the back has the details of the payment and I keep the part that is left for bookkeeping when only being paid for one assignment. I write the details of that assignment on the stub. In the case where a company provides a break down of the various assignments you have done, I print that second page one more time for my records. It has more useful information than the stub.
If the credit union used to accept the checks but is no longer accepting them, then I would open an account with a mainstream bank and transfer funds either by ACH, or if that isn’t possible, by writing a check from that account into the credit union account with the memo ‘notary funds.’

do you get an email notification when check comes, I used too but not anymore. I check like 4 times a day to see if I have one.