Did I say something wrong?

Over the past few days, I received several emails asking me directly if I am available for a signing. They did not provide any information other than a possible date. I respond yes I am available. The follow-up question they ask is…“What is my fee?”

I then respond to that with…“Please share with me the location or zip code, the number of pages, what type of closing?” They don’t respond or reply to my questions after that.

Is there something wrong with me asking those questions? Should I be responding differently? I am a new signing agent and still trying to work out my minimum for profitability. I had a last-minute request signing that was 10 min from my home for 2 pages with no scan backs that I took for $65. I countered and got another signing for $100 that was 30min away for 4 pages and no scan backs. So I figured the questions that I ask are reasonable… Please tell me did I say something wrong by asking those questions?

No, you didn’t say anything ‘wrong.’

When I encounter those types of emails (in general) they’re scams.

Usually, emails like this one asking directly if you’re available for a signing (without germane details), are just checking to see if your email address is still valid & then they never reply at all after that . . .

When you choose to respond, you may find it more productive to try either of these two response types:

“Yes, I’m available on that date & at that general time, but we will need to discuss the details via phone due to the multiple variables in Time & Travel. What is your direct phone number please?”

If you receive No Reply at all? Scam.

OR => Just call the number on the Signature Block of the email to further confirm the Signing Order details. Remember to do an online Search of that phone number (and business name), before you call it, to verify that company is legitimate. NOTE: If there is no phone number => Red Flag.

FYI: If it’s a reputable (and paying) business entity, they’re fully cognizant of the routine of querying a certified notary signing agent (CNSA) for their availability & they’ll include all pertinent details needed for you to answer with the Magic Word: “Yes.” :mrs_claus::christmas_tree: