Different names

The docs all have the wife’s name as Mary Jane Smith (not her real name), except for 6 documents - the ALTA statement, Limited Power of Attorney, Marital Status Affidavit, Authorization to Release Information, Mortgagors Affidavit, and Disbursement Instructions. These documents have her name as Jane Smith. If the the Signature/Name Affidavit has Jane Smith as one of here AKA’s can I notarize the document?

In a similar situation, where it had her married name on some docs and her maiden name on other docs, the signing company said the Signature/Name Affidavit would cover it. I told them I couldn’t notarize the documents that didn’t match the identification, and did not get paid for the job.

Her ID is Mary Jane Smith.

How much flexibility you have depends on which state you’re in. If the ID says Mary Jane Smith, using your understanding of how names work in the US, it would usually be safe to notarize a document that says Mary Smith.

If the document says Mary Jones because that’s her maiden name, that’s more of a problem. The signature/name affidavit may help the lender and title company, but it doesn’t help you because it’s basically just Mary telling you what her names are. You would need some additional ID that says Mary Jones, or perhaps a credible witness. What kind of ID would be OK depends on your state.

Thank you the input.