Difficult to receive Google Reviews

I’m sure many of you have a Google listing for your notary service, and you receive reviews on that listing.
Some may ask the client to leave a review if they have the time and wouldn’t mind doing so…

with my service I sometimes mention at the end of our appointment that they can scan the QR code on business card and leave a review on my Google listing and if they did it would be greatly appreciated and I also run a promotion of refunding $5 from the total after review is received.

It appears no matter how much you go out of your way to help clients and their families and make a great experience then requesting a review after, 95% always say oh yeah forsure will do that! However they never end up doing it at all.
Iv even had many contact my service again just to tell me they haven’t forgot and they are still going to leave a review and how they just wanted to tell me again how much they appreciated my help.
I mean very long texts and emails.
What gets me is it would take less than half of the time and effort to just leave the review.
I really question where is the logic with most people on this? lol

Im sure many of you see the same issue and wanted to hear your experiences and advice on it?

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For the most part people just want you out of their hair after a signing. Doesn’t matter how long winded a text or email is. If anything long form text and emails are a no no for the general population. They definitely appreciate the kindness, patience and effort though. just have them scan the QR code at the table also just have friends or family leave a review or even strangers passing by. ive also found that when you follow up asking for a review it is about 95% they will forget or ignore, ive paid for most of my reviews hahah.

When I say long texts and emails I mean that THEM sending me the long text and email NOT me sending them.
What I’m saying is they put so much time and effort into reaching out to me to say thank you and that they earn going to leave a review yet in not even half the effort they could have just left the review instead of sending me a big text/email saying they are going to.
People just lack any common sense anymore.

As for the mention of having friends, family or strangers doing the reviews.
I will NOT do that, I like to be 100% authentic, no fake reviews or ratings.
The reviews on my listing are 100% from my clients I have worked with.

I see what you mean. Also google, SEO algorithms and the amount of calls you receive aren’t based on merit and how upstanding you are. (very respectable though) its keywords and other tricks. Too much competition to play nice with client acquisition when there’s money to be made. Good luck on your path!

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You have a very valid point though!

SEO is actually another big reason I request reviews, it does make an impact on results. Every little detail of it even just having a more recent review bring up your SEO results.

You are so right though there is to much competition that does play fair, why should I right? Lol

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I feel your pain. I’ve sent a follow up text or email. Short sweet telling them im building a business, if you have two minutes and send the link. I keep trying new and different ways. Or you could hire someone to help the SEO and algorithm. Good luck! Stay strong. :slightly_smiling_face:

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