Digital Journal by Jurat Inc

Ca: Notaries,
I just signed up for the E Journal by Jurat Inc., I love the ease, navigation and just how much time I can possibly save using it. Anyone else here using it, can you provide some feedback on how its going for you?

I’m gonna switch over to the E-Journal, too. I’m a little wary of the learning curve. Can you briefly expound on how it went for you? I’d really appreciate that.

I just created an account you get a 14 day or 5 free signings and when you click new entry you just basically follow the prompts it’s that easy I did a couple of test entry’s because it lets you create drafts and it’s so easy and so fast I love it the only thing that takes a while to set up are signing packages but that’s normal because every title company is different the owner Nick is very responsive when you email him a question he replies personally

What thumb print scanner did you get? I wish the site told you that you may need extra things. But I am pretty sure I want it.

Its a thumbprint scanner by biometric, on the website under FAQ there’s a link, I just made the switch and i absolutely love it