Digital Notary Journals

Can anyone recommend a
good app for rotary journals? Preferably one time cost.

Check with your States requirements. In many States you can create your own on excel.

If you create your own with Excel, it will remind you of the details of the notarizations. But it has no evidentiary value because a less-than-honest notary could change it to whatever the notary wants it to say once the notary is called out about a problem.

When I say “no evidentiary value” I’m not saying that from the point of view of a lawyer, because I’m not a lawyer. I am saying it from the point of view of an engineer who has been using spreadsheets since VisiCalc.


I am currently trying NotaryAct for a free trial. It’s pretty nice. I feel like I’m moving up with the times. lol

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I was also an Engineer who was using Lotus 123 before Excel came into the market. I agree that spread sheets are easy to alter data entries. My later tenure as a Financial Crimes Investigator, I learned a determined rogue actor can find ways to alter records that makes it very difficult to detect. In Texas the Notary’s word is presumed to be honest and reliable. This presumption places the burden on the opposing party. This is why I remind notaries to always follow their State’s laws when performing notarizations.


Lotus ~ haven’t heard that terminology for decades :blush:


I work in the legal field and I would agree with no evidentiary value.

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Snapdocs offers a free notary journal> I use Notary Gadget and love it.