Direct Business List

Hi Agents,

Can we discuss some of the best companies that offer direct business :hugs:? Drop companies name and best state for them in comments below?? Thank you in advance agents … :slightly_smiling_face:

FYI: The Notary Café database has a plethora of immediately available data located within threads already present on this topic and multiple additional very commonly queried topics. If you do a database Search, you’ll find considerable additional information is available at your fingertips that will be helpful to you. :white_check_mark:

You can run a Search (upper right/magnifying glass) as it will probably be quicker than waiting for someone to reply.

Here are the results I found for you by typing “best companies” in the Search field:

Yes…there is already a thread for “Best Companies” …and I believe it has 606 responses…search upper right magnifying glass.

It will also help to search “deadbeat” and “no pay” and “slow pay”

Best of luck…happy reading and Happy New Year!

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@LindaH-FL Yes, there is & it’s present on the url for the listing in my reply; however, here is the direct url link to that one in particular . . .

Thank you both, that’s helpful…