Best Signing Companies

I’d like to start a thread of the best signing companies. Please do not put the bad ones- we should forget them! Please reply with your best Signing Company and the following information:

Name of Company:
Average Fee:
Average Jobs Per Week/Month

I’ll reply with mine to this forum thread as well.

So far we have

BankServ- no average amount noted but endorsed by a notary cafe member
FASS- no average amount noted but endorsed by a notary cafe member
XOME Signings- Found on App Store and pays $90.00 per signing which averages 5 to 7 jobs per week.
XMarks the Spot Signing Service, average signing $90, pays within 30days or less
Sunshine Signing Connection, average signing pays $100, pays within 30 days or less


Xome Signings

Found on Apple App Store
Average Fee $90.00
Average Jobs per week 5-7


Xome was better when they called for jobs. The new app is a low-ballers fantasy. I rarely get any jobs or even offers from them. I was doing like 10-12 jobs a week for them when they used to call. The app came into play and I’d be surprised if I do 1 signing a month. Company is okay and they pay fairly quick but I have many other companies I’d prefer to work with. Even when I was receiving offers on the app it was usually while driving or at a signing and by the time you can respond it’s gone OR I couldn’t remember my log-in info while on the road to be able to open the app.


Hodgy- I posted the forum for the opposite of what you are posting. I appreciate the input but the idea behind the forum is to start an easy to go-to thread for all notaries with good signing companies. Not what’s wrong with them. There’s so many threads with complaints I thought it would be nice for us to start talking about the good ones. Could you contribute to that conversation?


I absolutely love how there’s 222 views of this thread and no one has replied with one single good signing company at all. Yet there is still one complaint. And then there’s tons of threads with griping about bad ones. I personally believe hat most don’t want others to find about the good ones so they don’t loose their busienss. But that’s not what this about. There’s only a few good notaries in any given area I’ve found and good work speaks for itself. Why not contribute to a positive side.


I like Banserv & FASS


Thanks for chiming in with Bankserv and FASS. I’ve worked with FASS in California but not in Arizona.
With Bankserv I’ve not worked with them but right now business is good with the two I’ve posted in my area.


XMarks the Spot Signing Service, average signing $90, pays within 30days or less

Sunshine Signing Connection, average signing pays $100, pays within 30 days or less


Thank you for your contribution to this list. I will update the top of this forum with these collected so far. It’s amaing how many complaints there are but fewer positive reviews. This should help us all out knowing who we can actually work with too.


ProLink is the best, most organized, fair and timely paying company I’ve worked with for several years.


Loan- Closers pays $75 On up and has a great site to upload docs for faxbacks,
Timios $120
Premier Lending Services (PLS) $100
Sign up with Snapdocs- the site is great, fees are all over the map due to multiple signing companies use it.
WFG Lender Services $90-100
Convenient Closers LLC $75 on up


If you want to know the good companies to market with, simply go to Notary Rotary and look under Signing Central at the 4-5 star companies. $90 and $100 signings are way too low for me. Work direct and don’t work for lowballers. If it takes longer than 30 days to get paid, get rid of them. Don’t want someone to have my money for longer than 30 days. I am a professional business owner and only extend credit to those I know will pay my fee and pay in a timely fashion. JMO


Signature Closers LLC, Title Source, WFG, National Loan Closers just to name a few


My favorite company is Sunshine Signing Connection!! Every single person I have ever spoke to has always been kind and helpful. :heart::heart::heart: Sunshine!!


Sunshine is now low balling thru snapdocs.
Peeps !! Decline all signings from snapdocs and revert back with at least $100 quote. $15 extra if its 150 pages or more.
Fax back, $10 Extra.

Research the signing company. If its shady, call title / escrow, one you get papers and work out a deal with them directly or extract a guarantee from them for payment? These companies pay $150 per signing to these D-bags? Why?? I suspect kickbacks… Hmmm


I did a few for Sunshine Signing Connection but the last one was a nightmare. The owner was so RUDE


you can add: Nationwide Signing Services; Signing Carolina; The Closing Group - all pay promptly with no insulting “fax-backs”


Central Signings, Bancserv, Notaries Express, Prolink, BASU, Timios,The Ink, First Class,X Marks the Spot are my favs for fair and quicker pay and give me most of my work. ATS, CM,Choice, North American are ok and give a few assignments. AVOID NPN (Nat’l Preferred notary) Notary Direct,, North Star, Notary Pool, They are lowballers and/or don’t pay.


I disagree. We all live in different states and experience different rules. If your in the city vs the country, prices vary (location and availability). I make all title companies slow down and treat me with respect. Also, if they give me one hint of desperation my fee goes up $100. The night of the national debates, we had a closing for $400. Night the Packers play $475. This coming Tuesday I have 3 signings and I don’t know what event is going on in our area. I did hear today (10/21/2016) on the Stock Report that interest is expected to go up next month through January, so we’ll see less closings then, as we all expect.


Ischobert, I agree with most of what you are saying here. It all depends on where you live and how far you have to go for signings and to keep busy. In our area I keep busy but I do have to drive to outer lying areas often but I allow for that in the price too. I try to be fair with signing companies since they are the middle man and have to make their money too. I really like FASS, Signing Service, Notary 247 is good but slow to pay, Lejeune Notary is good just one person there I have had problems with attitude but it could be we clash, who knows, Armour, Gold Coast, Butler. I could name several more but I have been paid fair, on time and no problems at all.