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Good Afternoon Everyone, my name is Rose and I have been a Notary for a while, and just stepping out for notarizing loan documents. I have not been formerly trained and certified, but am capable of notarizing loan documents. I would like to know if these companies will work with a non -certified notary?

Certified by whom? Most just want a BGC.

Good Morning and thank you for your response. What is “BGC?”

BGC = Background Check. And the larger companies may also request signing agent certification. But some may not. Personally, I was a general notary for several years before I became certified as an NSA (Notary Signing Agent). I was never able to find loan clients. However, I did have a steady business from GNW (General Notary Work).


What kind of BGC the companies are going to that the Notary agency did not do. I have just been reappointed my fifth commission as a Notary. I am a member of the Pennsylvania Association of Notaries.

Most Notaries take a course through National Notary Association to be a Certified Signing Agent

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I imagine that requiring a background check performed by specific agencies is an attempt to standardize the measurement process, as each state can vary in its requirements for appointment as a Notary Public. By requiring a BGC from NNA, for instance, a lender can be assured that a Notary in Maine and a Notary in California have both met the same standards. I don’t mind the background check. After all, our business is based around borrowers welcoming us into their homes. I can understand that the assurance that their NSA has no criminal record would be comforting.

I can accept that answer. Thank you for clearing that up. I intend to get training, right now I am on a retirement budget which makes it more expensive.

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TO EVERYONE: Just completed some research this morning. Here is a direct url link to a Notary Cafe post that identifies bad companies as per Venbooks:


I did this same post couple of years ago. Thank you for providing the info.
I also switched from Notary Gadget to VenBooks. To test it, i used both, simultaneously for 3 months. VenBook not only is more user friendly, but it has a more concise breakdown of services.
Thanks again.

@royalsealnotary Yes, it’s a post from one-year ago [Nov 2021].

As there are increased recurring concerns appearing on the forum with non-payment, thought it would be helpful to members to reference your insightful post. :owl::sweat_drops:

If there is a more current listing from VenBooks listing the companies that have a history of not paying or have unethical practices, would you please list it now? Thank You!