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I agree 100%. I won’t work for a signing agency for less than $100.00. I get many, many assignments for that fee.and higher. When I work direct with title companies i can expect a fee well above the $100.00. To take less will lower the fees for all notary signing agents in the future. In California, we can now charge $15.00 per notarized signature. I am wondering if the signing agencies will step up.


Please keep in mind, you cannot charge $15 per signature notarized in California till 1-1-17. To so earlier is breaking the law. You need to stay with the $10 per signature till the end of December.

Yes, Count all the notarizations you do . Even if you give them the print fee as free, you should still send an itemized invocie asking for

$15 x Number of notarizations ( So 10 notarizations = $150 right there ! WooHooo! )
Distance Travelled
Number of Pages Printed


I agree with you !!!

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I dont know how ppl like working with SSC they’re unprofessional.

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Which other companies are you working with that are doing well for you? Thanks!

First Class Signing Service - today will be my second job for them. The last job was paid electronically with 48 hours of the signing.


thanks for the info. I will report my experience.

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Thank you for your information. I will try them out.

A lot of the good companies are using apps these days and setting fees from $60 (which is too low) to $90. I do the $60 signings sometimes if I have no signings scheduled and they are within 5 miles. I don’t leave money on the table as my cost to print is super low. I have a laster printer and can print 5000 sheets for just $23.00 since I use to buy my toner and I buy paper in bulk. The aps though- if you don’t them, someone will. I’ve found that just taking them when I need revenue coming in, I always have a good month. But I have like every app I can find on my phone and keep money coming in.


please list the apps, thanks


MHood, you should check with the company itself - they have their own specific apps that you either download from their website or from the “store” app on your phone.

I absolutely agree with you, but all of us Notaries need to stick to not doing a signing for less then $100. I get calls to signings for $85.00 and some with fax backs or scan docs back to them. I will tell them I don’t do signing for less then $100 and then their usually answer I will get an approval and call you back. then I am sure they call someone else and that someone else takes it for the $85. We will never get ahead if other notaries keep selling them selves for the low prices. Now our notary fee went up to $15 do you think the SS take this in consideration NO they don’t. I’ve some signings directly with Title who have paid up to $175 for my local area. Wish more would calls us directly…:slight_smile:


CARRINGTON TITLE: $120 pay on Snapdocs.They got rid of notaryspot and other signing services & deal with notaries directly via snapdocs.


Which Carrington Title are you refering to? Can you share their location and/or contact info?


I like DocPros (SnapDocs). I have done a lot of signings with them and I have never had a bad experience with docs or payment.


So far as of March 2017, I have not seen any adjustment to fees due to the increase allowable for Calif. It’s a shame.

.That’s not up to the companies to adjust - that’s up to you as the business owner to make an executive decision and increase your business’s fees accordingly, if you think it would be beneficial. Unfortunately, that could come back to bite you considering the notary fee structure in CA - a $5/notarized signature increase when applied to a loan package could end up being very substantial - substantial enough that your clients decide they can’t absorb that and they look elsewhere.

Remember too, you do get the SE exemption at $15/notarized signature when you file your taxes - so you will benefit there.

It’s your call but it’s your business. Good luck.

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Carrington Title now sends orders out of SNAPDOCS. Their packages are huge, 180+ pages. Mostly Chase or BOA refi.
Carrington purchased loans from Chase / BOA and may be acquiring many more. But their pay is prompt. 120 , not faxback.


Really appreciate you starting this forum. Knowledgeable comprehensive. Valuable info I can certianly use.