Direct notary sign new port richey fl

When first contacted everything seemed normal. Documents were 8 hrs late causing me to loose other signings. Borrower was not a happy camper but the closing was completed at 11 pm on Nov 22, 2016. 3 weeks later I get a call that documents were not signed and. I reviewed the original package and the documents they claim were not signed were never sent to me. Email after email and call after call I got no response. Finally I contacted Amanda Karpavicus and today I received a partial payment. 67 days to get a partial payment. I DO NOT recommend this company and give it 0 *

I do not work for them, I had 2 not so favorable situations with them and cut ties with them last year. Very unprofessional company.

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The word will spread and they will get on the black list

Signing Services , have a run on non payments,close shop
Re-open again with new name

WHy? kickbacks exist in this business. This is why

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Misrepresented documents to me. Quoted me a low figure for small package. When doc’s were emailed over it was 170 pages with 60 plus scan backs. When I questioned this new information,before the signing, and requested a higher fee, they declined. Completed signing and scan backs. Took 60 days to collect my fee. I have turned down 2 more requests from them and have blocked them on my phone.

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Everyone who reads this must pass it on to at least 1 other notary/closing agent to effectively shut them off to notaries.

I have listed this company on Notary Rotary as a DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH post. I hope people read it.