Direct Signings

If you have worked for Direct Signings in Nevada please rate them for timely payment and other positive/negative aspects of your interactions.

Very low fees, they look for any error even if is not yours to reduce your fee. and it takes for ever to get paid. Still life is beautiful.

I like working with Alec at Direct. They use to be the Signing Depot. Fees are low but negotiable for higher than offered. Takes about 50 days to get payment.

I like working with them. You can work with them on fees and are reasonable. No hand holding. Alex is easy to work with as well.

I like working with them as well. They pay in 30 BUSINESS DAYS, not calendar days. I’ve never had any problems with them.

Well when I took the assignment, it was for Deed only. It was for $50.00 I took it because it was my first deal with them. Otherwise I do not leave my house for that kind of money unless it is in my direct area. I was told 30 days and it would be paid by email. I called and spoke with the Accounting Manager and she said that they pay within 30 business days. Big difference. I think 30 day is enough time to wait to be paid. I am usually paid within a couple weeks, 30 days is a stretch for me but 45 is too long and I will not be taking another from them.

No, I was told by the Accounting Manager they pay within 30 “business days”. I was told 30 days to start with and expected that. I just called and found out different. I don’t think I will take another if I have to wait that long to be paid.

This is the worst company I have seen in my 5 years in the business. I dropped off the docs at Fed Ex and I have a video footage from Fed Ex manager showing I dropped off. They were incredibly rude and are not paying their invoice when I drove an hour for the for a $100 signing. I suggest not working with them at all, also I hope Notary Cafe removes them from being able to scam notary’s

I just called Direct Signings (Las Vegas) today about a late payment. I was advised that they pay in 30 days, oh, that’s 30 business days…then I get an email telling me I need to register my bank account (direct deposit) in order to get paid. I told them no, send a check-they said they would “this time” but for the future it had to be direct deposit. I TOLD THEM THERE WILL BE NO NEXT TIME. JUST SAY NO.

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I am trying to reach this company and cannot find a number.
Would you be so kind to guide me on how to reach them?

Direct Signing is of good standing. My impatience spoke too soon.
They have proved me wrong.

I was able to find the correct number and Direct Signings acted promptly to not only respond to my inquiry of payment, but found the payment that I had mistakenly posted under another borrowers name.

I jumped the gun and spoke to soon. They have proven to me to be a good company and of good standing.