Direct work

Is anyone making over 50,000 now? how many of you work directly for title companies in PA

per year or per month?

per year. I did really well in the begining but now I am lucky to make $3,000 a month before taxes. I’m really struggling. i did go out to title companies in the beginning and did get 1 job each from 2 title companies and the third title company uses a signing service.

yeah we’re all feeling some level of a “hit” now. My mentor says it’s best to look into other ways to make money as a notary to fill in the gaps a\k\a general notary work.
The question on all of our minds is: “Is this situation temporary or will it continue for months and even years?” I’m already looking at some other ways to make money just in case the later is true.

Can you share the title companies. I am a NJ notary who has been out of business since Covid in 2020. I did not want to go into people’s homes.
I am ready now since multiple vaccines and boosters.
Any info you can provide is appreciated.