Discovered wrong CD in package at table... and then

Hi friends,

So, I had a refi yesterday. Got eDocs two days prior. At the table, signer sees CD and says, “Wait a minute, none of these numbers are right.” Long story short, we get on the phone and discover that lender updated CD the day before, but I was never informed/updated.

In speaking with the title company, the rep first says that I should “encourage” the signer to sign the incorrect CD because, “it won’t really matter, he’ll get the right amount back anyway” — huh? Then she says, “Oh shoot, yes there is a new version of the CD, I’ll email it to you now.”

55 minutes and two more phone calls went by before getting that email. Keep in mind its already late in the evening and I’m sitting at the closing table – no access to a printer. Luckily, the signer was able to print for me, but what an ordeal - and it felt so unprofessional. I felt like I was saying, “Hey signer, how about you DIY this loan package.” I know that’s dramatic, lol…

Perhaps the most frustrating part: on the last phone call, the rep told me its likely I will get a “defect” due to late shipping. This wasn’t a conversation that I was willing to have at the closing table, however when I called back after leaving, no one answered. I sent an email asking someone to call me regarding that signing and have yet to hear from anyone 24 hours later.

I feel like there’s so much wrong with this but I have a couple questions/points:

  1. The “sign it anyway” comment – what in the world?
  2. Are mobile printers really so common that title companies assume we all have them? Do you have one? What would you have done in this situation?
  3. I sat there nearly an extra hour – is it unreasonable for me to request an increase in fee? Yes, I had already accepted and agreed to the fee assuming I would be able to complete this signing in the expected time frame. I always pad time, but this went far beyond my expectations.
  4. How in the world could you possibly fault me for not shipping until today, when the signing was scheduled in the evening, and you sucked up what little time I had for scans and dropping the shipment by waiting for the updated CD that you neglected to give me the day before when you had it?
  5. Is any of this one me? I can’t imagine anyone considers it best practice for NSAs to re-confirm docs after receipt/printing/etc but if there’s something for me to learn here, I want to embrace that.

I’m seriously dumbfounded by this one. :woman_shrugging:t4:


I’m concerned about docking the pay because you shipped them the next day. If the signing is after 4:00 I always send the next day. hope I don’t get docked

Amrock messing up like that?

They have no right to dock you for their error. Don’t let companies bully you. As for the “sign it anyway”- I disagree with that even though there likely would be no harm. The borrower isn’t going to want to sign an incorrect document and as the signing agent we can’t give an opinion on it so I wouldn’t blame them for not wanting to sign it. Also you don’t have an obligation to stay at an appointment an hour longer waiting for them to correct the error. The CD isn’t a notarized document and what if you had another appointment to get to? Title / the lender could have gotten the CD signed and returned by mail direct from the borrower - my mortgage company does that at times when needed (I’m a mortgage processor by day). If they give you a defect - they are wrong, stand up for yourself on these points.


I’ve got a corrected CD via mail and saw it in the very last moment. I responded that it was a chance I didn’t miss it. The lady from the assigning company told me: We have many notaries and I mark here, that we will never give you an order anymore!
I responded: I understand! - because I didn’t really care. I am not there to serve their interest only. My primary care is my signer. He pays the money.
What an arrogance from these people. They really are thinking that they are giving the money?!

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I just had issues with the CD on a refi today. It was last minute signing, so I didn’t have time to prep. 157 pages and the CD was is in the back, we had to stop the signing. We were only 20 pages to the end. The singer the call lender and we were to stop.

Ugh, so sorry this happened to you! What nerve, trying to dock your fee for something that was completely out of your control! This was not your fault whatsoever. Stand your ground on this one!

Similar thing happened to me the other day, actually…

Received docs 4 days in advance but didn’t print until 2 hours prior to signing. I get there and the borrower says that all of the numbers are wrong. Apparently docs were updated 2 days prior and no one bothered to send them to me.

The best part…

Title office was closed. Lender didn’t answer. Borrower called their real estate agent who (apparently) got in touch with someone with the lender who then tried to tell ME to CORRECT THE CLOSING DISCLOSURE WITH A PEN and then have the borrowers sign! I was like “uhhh… NO.” and left.

Thankfully the borrower was equally as sketched out by that recommendation. There’s no way in heck that signing agents are allowed to correct CDs. Or anyone, for that matter. What an absurd request.

Bottom line, some of these title companies/lenders are out of control lol

I’d be interested to know the name of that company

Here ? I don’t think we do such things here. It will be unethical.