Disturbing Email from Professional Notary Services Inc

Your right! Some put this language in bold or at the top of their contracts (that they can let you go at will for any reason). I don’t think I ever came across one that didn’t have it in there. Gotta read those contracts (in there entirety)! Some of them even try and trap you for being liable in cases/situations that aren’t even your responsibility as an NSA. Crazy!

From what I understand, they didn’t tolerate them, they simply just didn’t catch them. To save time and aggravation, most likely they just sent another notary out, scratching the original notary out. Putting myself in their shoes? During the extremely high demand the last couple years, who had the time to do the whole “back and forth” on an error? Some were doing hundreds, if not thousands of closings a month (depending on how they were tallying their numbers “regionally vs nationally”). It was easier to just dispatch another notary and keep it moving. What we will never know, is how many of these loans fell through due to errors on the lender/TCo. side of the house, or with the SS the client hired for that matter! If the phone keeps ringing from the same client, good news! If they suddenly fell off the map during the high ride, then there’s that!

True, now I remember there were a few companies that I didn’t even bother filling out their applications after I read their contract agreements!


Why don’t you answer them,it is because of your low fees that you get inexperienced notaries , if you’re looking for quality, then hire the experienced notaries and pay them decent fees.

The determination (or consensus) that notaries who take low offers being “inexperienced” is an assumption and not based on any facts. An “experienced” Notary is one who “simply” keeps their business afloat!


You are absolutely right! No one has taken a poll and asked me how many ‘lowball’ assignments I’ve accepted yet they make the assumption that I am not experienced bc I do. Condescending!


They may score their notaries but every single closing I do for them is a problem or two or three

That’s odd. I just went through another training with them to do IPEN and received info that they are expecting more IPEN Signings.

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