Do not trust restart financial/the settlement network

i completed a signing for a company called the settlement network which i later found out went by other names such as re-start financial and 7777777 LLC. It is a Florida based company that does annuities. i completed the signing with no issues at all, 30 days later im waiting for payment and nothing. i email the lady who hired me and still no reply. i did some research got the owners name and info off of sun biz, who gave me the run around promising to pay for the next 10 days. Finally i sent my husband his information and my husband spoke to him and within 4 minutes flat i got a Paypal payment. Long story short don’t trust this company, i also later looked on notary cafe to see that 2 other notaries had the same experience and 1 waited over 90 days to get paid. BEWARE!!

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Can you share what was said in that call that got them to pay? I have a recent experience with them also. This is a company that goes by many names, shell corps, etc. I see now that they are intentionally not paying notaries that do work for them.

I basically just sent my husband after him and got paid

I did notary work for them too November 2018. I can’t get a hold of them to pay me either. They are the 3rd so called ‘settlement companies’ that haven’t paid me in the last 5 months. No more for me

So glad I saw your post. George texted me today to go get a deed re-signed (due to a mistake), then asked me to BACKDATE it! The original notary completed it incorrectly, so I’m not the original notary. I got a BAD feeling about this… so I looked up his website – no website, just a “free parking” notice by GoDaddy. I just asked him to re-assign, although I hate the thought of him scamming another notary. To make it appealing, he’s offering $80. Not taking the risk. Thank you for posting!