Do you have borrowers initial every page?

I just saw an instruction that wanted initials only if requested on the page. I’ve always had them initial most anything in the package.

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Only if instructed by title/hiring party.

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Then how does anyone know what the borrower saw if it’s a document that without a signature line for the borrower if not initialed? For example, I’ve a VA Loan Summary that is not signed and an Affiliate Disclosure Form addressed to the borrower - currently not signed by the lender - and does not require borrower signature or initial. Seems incomplete to me.

Because when you’re contracted to conduct a loan signing, it is presumed by lender, title and/or hiring party that you’re going through the complete package with the borrowers. Not to mention they are provided a copy of the entire package at closing for their own records.

Don’t make up your own rules. Do what is expected of you and what you are instructed to do. In over 30 years of doing closings, initialing every page was a requirement for only a couple lenders and on only a handful of loans - and I haven’t seen that requirement in years.


When I first started–23 years ago–I had them initial every page for the same reasons you stated. Just felt right to me at the time.
However, for a long time now, I have realized that it isn’t necessary and annoys the signers as they do get a copy of everything.
Agree with Linda…do what you’re asked to do and don’t make up your own rules. NOW I frequently see instructions to ‘only initial where initial lines are provided’.


Me as well thanks for the great comment

I only have them initial each page as instructed by the company ordering, or where there is a line to do so

I have stopped it all together now, but occasionally the deed and note still need initials but there is a line for it. I was told to stop or they would not use me anymore. It was strange because I did it for 20 years, but now it makes it all go much faster without it.