Doc Signing

I received a call from a law firm asking if I would be interested in becoming a Notary for them. They sent a set up package for me to fill out and return.

They show what they pay (their competitive market price) but are also asking me to include MY fees for signings for each county that I cover.

They have listed:
*REO Cash
*Doc Signing

  1. Anybody have an idea what the Doc Signing is referring to?
  2. Is the REO Cash the same docs are a purchase?

Thanks in advance.

I am trying to figure out the same things.

If you take a look at the list, my guess would be

The first 4 - Refi, HELOC, Purchase, Reverse - all refer to loan signings;

REO Cash refers to a cash purchase (Real Estate Owned)

Doc Signing refers to individual other miscellaneous documents the law firm may need notarized - POA, single deed, trust docs, etc etc

Just my guess

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