Docmagic is not conducive to any Apple products

Hey all, I tried to contact DocMagic directly for how those of us who own an apple product could print documents.

  1. Incredibly rude customer support. Wow.

  2. They purposely did not create their product to be useful for the #1 product in the world: Apple. Amazed at how short-sighted and stupid Docmagic product is. I used to work in IT development and QA so I’m dumbfounded by the utter stupidity of this company.

  3. I’m still pursuing a work-around for us notaries who own Apple products and need to print Docmagic documents. When I figure it out, I’ll share with the group. If anyone else has figured out a work around with printing docmagic documents, do tell.:slight_smile:

  4. The goodnews for me is the more IPEN and RON signings I have I won’t have to deal with Docmagic and Docmagic will become obsolete. ![:slightly_smiling_face:|

Don’t count on that … They have been producing closing documents for over 35 years … You’d be better served taking your complaint to Apple and let THEM create a workaround for you.

It’s not Apple’s responsibility to make their products compliant to this crap product of docmagic. As we move toward IPEN and RON, docmagic will become obsolete. :slight_smile:

Followup: I did find a workaround for me.
I downloaded Adobe Reader and now pdf documents with docmagic are being printed seemingly with ease.
If this helps: I have a 2023 macbook air and I downloaded the most updated version of Adobe reader. :wink:

I wish people understood that Adobe Reader is the standard method of viewing and printing pdfs. Getting anything else to work is pure luck.