Docs missing from returned packages at AMROCK

Anyone else out there ever gotten a call from Amrock saying a document was missing from the completed package that had been returned?

It’s happened to me three times now. Never from any other company - just Amrock.

I follow the same procedure with all signings - classification folder, signing copy in front, borrower copy in a file folder in back, label and instructions in the middle; signing copy never leaves the folder until packaged for shipment, double check the folder to ensure no documents are missed before sealing the package and attaching the label, handle only one folder at a time. By following this procedure I can state with certainty that no documents are overlooked or incorrectly shipped.

Again, in thousands of signings for other companies, I have never had a single instance of a missed document - only with Amrock.

Has this happened with anyone else returning completed docs to Amrock?

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No, never had missing docs. But they have said I didn’t include a check once! (Stapled to CD and I made a copy of this.) Sent the pdf of same to them and ‘end of story’. Guess they found it after all.
Tell 'em to check again…2 pages probably stuck together when they scanned it for their records.

Really! That ‘missing page’ thing always makes me laugh. Do they think you decided it was unnecessary or felt like flying a paper airplane? Odds are, it wasn’t in pkg. or they lost it. 'course, it’s still your fault.


Happened to me once. They gave me a defect for a missing page. Luckily I still had package uploaded and guess what……page was never part of package!


It might be the ups or fedex who is at fault I’m always concerned that my package is double tripple tapped

They kindly removed the defect. Always make sure you have page count.

Never from Amrock, but after 8 months they said I missed a document. Luckily I saved the original package and it was not included. I offered to get it signed for my normal fee for the area. They didn’t want that bad I guess. I save everything for exactly this kind of situation (securely).


No, never had that problem with them.

It happens on hybrids! And they’ll always make it your fault.

Like many of you, I’ve receive the missing page(s) phone call. When I looked at the original package the page wasn’t there.