Document delays

Just sharing a little frustration. I had a signing today at 1:30 and the docs were delayed. When I called the company they said they would find out what was going on and never called me back. Still at 2pm no contact back and no docs. I had another commitment at 3:30 and was concerned this would cause too much of a delay so I and asked why I didn’t have the docs. The guy got nasty with me and said me calling was further delaying the docs. I stated that I had another commitment and just wanted to know when the docs were coming. He got nasty and said he was going to take me off their list. I had never worked with this company before so it was just fine with me. I did however post on Snapdocs that not having docs when we as notaries have other obligations causes and issue and when you schedule a closing for a certain time you should have the documents by that time. It’s just good business practice to keep up your end of the bargain by having them in a timely matter. It wasn’t my fault that they didn’t have the docs. Unfortunate circumstance but who what a rude guy. The name of the service was Smart Seal and Witness out of Kansas never heard of them before.

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Next time try, “You can’t take me off your list because I already took you off of mine.”


Think we have all been in your shoes when docs not ready on time to make appointment. Everyone has their own way of dealing with situation but will mention that contractors don’t like being put into a defensive box. My response is very simple ~ if documents will not be received in time to make appointment advise original order person they will need to assign signing to another notary. Sure I may lose the signing but not worth the stress. Other parties lack of organization is NOT your emergency. Move forward.


Agreed. Being excessively rude is inexcusable in my book. Im certainly not loosing any sleep over the rude guy. Thanks


I’d say it’s a good thing you won’t have to suffer this lack of professionalism ever again. I have never heard of them.

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Thank you for sharing.

I need to learn to walk away for sure when I don’t get documents in a timely fashion. I’m not a seasoned notary yet so I really need a bit of time to review the documents and mark all the signing places too.

I think we all have certain clients that are last minute on docs. It might help that you send a letter to the customer explaining your timing requirements on documents. Many notaries have a two hour limit on documents. Retain the right to cancel if docs are not received in time. It is also more expensive for the notary to operate if we have to cancel because of late documents affecting our schedule.

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