Document Delivery

I am experienced several years and wonder why in this busy time why we can’t be contacted at an appropriate time when docs are not going to be available for the loan sign appointment. So here I sit losing half a day of no work and nothing done on a personal note waiting for docs.

I think it should be procedural to have docs send to notary day before if sign is next day. PERIOD! That way no one is stressed and put out. Just reach out and reschedule.

I can not tell you have many times I have gotten up early, sat around and waiting for nothing. In this business this is unnecessary, what do you think is a possible solution?


I understand your frustration, but this only really happen with signing agencies. Signing agencies have no control of the docs, and are only waiting to hand them off to the signing agents.

I give the example of how much time is lost when taking an assignment from a signing company.

For example, you get the text at 12:00 pm asking do you have availability for a 3:00 pm signing. You reply back at 12:03 pm they don’t award you the assignment until 12:15 pm and tell you you must confirm with the signer within 60 mins of getting the assignment. Now you’re on the hook and the wait game for the docs, and as a result you can’t take another assignment because you don’t have the time to do another assignment between 1:15 and 3:00 pm so you sit and wait and hope another signing opportunity comes about for much later that day or the following day. 2:00 pm no docs and you began to worry, 2:30 pm you know something is wrong but you try to remain hopeful and at 2:40 pm you get the text or call the signing has been canceled or rescheduled.

Trust me, I’ve been there and have had it happen many times before I went to direct business as my primary means of income. Are there delays when going direct? Yes, but they’re no where nearly at the rate in which it use to happen to me when I relied on signing agencies for business.


Why in the world does anyone put up with this nonsense? I let my clients know, both signing services and title companies, that I need docs 4 hours ahead. If a morning signing, I need them the day before by close of business. If after noon, I need them by 8:00am. We are not slaves. We have businesses to run and don’t sit home waiting for docs. I know title companies are pressed for time, but that is their problem. Do Not make it your problem. We all have to accommodate our clients occasionally. But we are professionals and they need understand that our businesses run on schedules, not whim. If a client can’t meet my needs, I don’t work for them. If we are clear and don’t buckle under, they will change their parameters. Because we don’t stand up for ourselves, they use and manipulate the scenario to their advantage. If you want to be treated like a professional, act like one and stand your ground.


Any signing i take comes with an absolute doc in my hands deadline
I tell them a time or im not available
I give myself doc prep time and travel
My sanity means a good signing

You need more signings then. period. I can print docs in 15min.

Even worse is when you turn down other work because you already have a signing, and then the docs don’t ever arrive.

Exactly. Thanks for injecting some critical thinking into the fold. Now, having said that. Lets see how many comments get posted by folks who think the signing service is doing it intentionally and its a conspiracy to insult signing agents. Or better yet the comments yelling at signing agents for having it happen to them.