DocVerify - Is it worth the money

I am being billed $50.00 per Month by DOcVeriify but have not done anything with this service. Is it worth paying for this? How can I get better use from this if so?

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Are you RON commissioned? Do you do a lot of e-notarizations? (In both instances you’d need an electronic signature and seal) - if not, I believe you’ve answered your own question.


Hi Linda,
I am RON Commissioned and I do not do hardly any e-notarizations at all. Thanks so much for the feedback I appreciate it.

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Not sure how it is in your state, but here in FL, when a notary applies to be RON commissioned, they have to choose a service provider in order to get that commission - so here I would have no choice,…I’d have to keep DocVerify on board in order to retain my RON commission - or find another service provider first before dropping them…there must be an acceptable service provider in place at all times.

You might want to shop around a bit…see if you can find something a bit cheaper. I am not RON commissioned so I can’t even begin to suggest where to look - hopefully someone with experience there will chime in.

Good Luck

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I am soooo happy that AR (thus far) does NOT allow RON as it seems to me that the only people making any money from doing RONs are the technology providers. There are many; not all are authorized in every state; seems they get the lion’s share of fees charged while the notary has no control and ALL the liability if/when things go wrong. :roll_eyes:

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I am beginning to wonder if it is worth the money and time, the return has not been good for me at all. The service as @LindaH-FL mentioned is something you must have in order to perform the service.

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I again agree with your comments :mask:

I am a commissioned electronic notary in Virginia. I have been a mobile notary since 2008 and have made a living as a NSA during that time. I got my electronic notary commission because the industry is heading that way. When COVID-19 hit, I had to find another way to do notary work because I am missing one third of my lungs. I started pursuing RON with DocVerify. Virginia doesn’t have any restrictions on how many platforms we use so I added Notarize where I have been a contractor since the virus started. I am currently making more than I did as a mobile notary and I was doing that close to full time.

I have now transitioned my business to RON only transactions and don’t plan to go back to paper. A number of my clients are starting to do electronic closings and I have become their go-to notary for that type of closing and the DocVerify platform helps me take care of their electronic needs. My contract work wit Notarize helps fill the gaps while I continue to build my RON business.

My recommendation is if you have your RON credentials, find a way of promoting it to your regular clients. It provides additional revenue for your notary business. Who knows, you may end up doing what I did and say goodbye to paper closings as well.