Does anybody get a signing from notary cafe?

I’ve been signed up for notary café for months and haven’t gotten one single offer. I feel like this might as well just be for forums lol. I thought about paying the $5 a month but I feel like it wouldn’t even be worth it. What’s it take to get a signing up here??

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I’ve been a Notary Café Professional member from the onset of my services within this Business Sector. I value my membership here for a variety of reasons. Regularly, clients new to me say they found me on Notary Café, which as a business owner is very helpful information.

Although, it’s important to keep in mind that most clients don’t lead their conversation with how they located you (not germane to the objective of their call).

So, in order to know where your business leads are originating from, the onus is upon you to include in your questions to new clients: “Oh, how did you locate/find my services please?”

This will help you know where your marketing budget is supporting your business and where it is lackluster . . .

Best wishes with your decision. :tulip::angel:

P.S. Some clients utilize Notary Cafe’s platform to provide document access & shipment tracking.
Truly, this forum is priceless for numerous reasons! I appreciate their website revisions & maintaining current relevancy. The Pro Membership is very much worth it as a Directory to advertise the services you provide and for access to the forums as well.

Also, here are some germane threads on this topic already in the Notary Cafe forum database:

Yes. I have gotten more than a handful (I am not full-time at this) of good-paying >=$150 signings. I think the forum is very helpful. Well worth $36 dollars a year.

Okay maybe i should purchase the monthly subscription. Because I haven’t received anything. And yes the forums are great but I’d like to make more money as well lol

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Just and Fyi-- I first took assignments from NotaryGo and some on SnapDocs to get experience. Those do pay less. Hang in it does get better.

Notary Cafe Forum Pro has been good to me and I like reading blog platform. Google Business Ad also good to me. SnapDocs 3rd party Notary Broadcasters seem to be all talking with each other and offering lowball fees so I rarely accept their offers unless they finally increase fee because no one else will take assignments since we are on Kitsap Peninsula and not in metropolitan area. SnapDocs peoples seem to be using same software for mileage which is way off by approx 30 miles. Different areas of US require different perspectives. Good luck!

I have not received anything from Notary Cafe since April

I’ve received more GNW from Notary Cafe than closings. The amount of business has paid for my membership. The value add I get from the comments is why I stick around.

I received 2 clients that found me on notary cafe. One used me again later.

That’s crazy I haven’t gotten anything. And I’ve been signed up for months. Is there any hacks or anything to get more signings with them?

I pay for the monthly 5 dollar upgrade membership and be sure to complete your profile with bio etc.

Maybe that’s why. I haven’t paid for the subscription. And do you have zip codes in your bio? My profile is completely filled out

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No I don’t have zipcodes. Maybe in my area there arent many notaries on notary cafe, in my area so that gives me a jump.

Hello I’m still working on my profile, I paid for the $36 membership. Let me ask you something how did you add your commission, bonds and etc. to your profile?