Does anyone do a lot of debt negotiations

I have been working with a company for a few months now they all they give me is debt negotiations. They don’t pay much but it’s better then nothing when I’m slow with doing loans.does anyone else do those or do you stay away from debt negotiations?

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Gotta be Sunshine. No, after the first 2 many, many, many years ago, I stopped doing them. That script, presenter, paralegal language that they’ve since incorporated into the docs is waaay more ‘potential accountability’ than I want. Over the many years since, infrequently, I accept a ‘signing’, not realizing it’s debt relief until I get the docs (which is how I am aware of the ‘weasel words’ now in same) and even at this late stage, I return it to them. I still get requests thru SnapDocs and they do now say it’s a debt relief, so, No thanks, I don’t do these. Doesn’t stop the next request.


Thank you again for posting Arichter. I tend to find that they are so not worth the money or time. I have been stiffed with some no shows and had to fight to get printing fees. Sunshine is usually the better of them but you are right, some do not tell you that the assignment is a debt relief when you accept. I would get the call, or electronic assignment, for a supposed “refi” and BAM! one look at my inbox and it is a debt relief pkg. I had one take me two hours to deal with the signer reading every page word for word (not that I blame them) and me waiting on NYC Transit trains that were delayed. I was stuck standing in the cold, in dead winter for two hours only to be harassed that the package was not scanned back in time. $50 did’t cover it.


Thank you both so much now I don’t feel bad that I want to get away from them and focus more on actual loan signs etc. I noticed sometimes they don’t want to pay more the. 50 bucks when it’s over a hour drive for me. So I’m starting to shy away from them

I also have stopped doing them, but if you do decide to keep doing them don’t settle for $50. I have never excepted one for that fee. I worked with several companies and have always asked for and got between $85 and $125. I have never had a problem negotiating a fee with these types of companies. They are eager to get the job done. I refused to work with Sunshine Connect. The first time they actually called me I quoted them a price of $85. My answer from them was “Good Luck Hun getting that fee”. About an hour later they called me back and offered me the $85. I said sorry, I’m booked now and they got very abusive. I told them, " Good Luck Hun finding someone".

I get tons of offers from Sunshine for these but I don’t accept them for less than $85 and they have to be local, within 5 to 7 miles. Otherwise it’s not worth it.

Questionable legality aside, I don’t think it’s worth it at even $85.

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Debt resolutions documents require that you give a presentation that says you are a paralegal which a notary may not be. It can be construed to giving legal advice.

Thank you everyone i appreciate it. I really do think I’m gonna stop doing these. I am
Looking into signing up with more signing agent companies and hopefully get more loans etc. I had a not so good experience Sunday with a debt negotiation and am really hoping I get paid after client signed the presentation and documents I left she called me to go back bc she changed her mind she felt like it was a scam I never had that before and it wasn’t worth the 50 to print, drive then go back

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If you left her the Cancellation form, I would have told her to fill that form out and send it in ASAP. I would not have gone back.

Actually Paralegals are not allowed legally to give legal advice. (that was a lot of legals, lol) When I do them I always stress that I am not employed with whomever it is for and that I do not offer any answers at all, they must contact their rep with any questions. I always state I am simply the Notary to assist with your signing.

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BEWARE !!! I did enjoy working for them until I realized I was a part of their huge SCAM!!
I had to contact the signers prior to meeting them, so they all have my number. And now they all keep calling me because my number turned to be the only legit number in all those cases, all other “contact us” numbers and emails are not responding.
Those debt negotiation companies have never even contacted the client’s creditors. The banks are calling the customers, ruined their credit scores, turned them to the collectors, and have never heard from any lawyers about debt negotiations.
But the client’s monies are keep withdrawing from their accounts. Monthly.
People have lost lots of money, and keep loosing, and they are not able to stop it.
And they all call me.
Of course I tried to contact those companies but nobody answered.
Then I checked those companies on BBB and learned that neither of them was registered with BBB, but all of them have LOTS of complaints from people all over the country.

Please read my reply below. It starts with BEWARE.