Does anyone have any promo codes for NNA

Noticed that at checkout on NNA it asks you, if you have a promo code. I’m trying to purchase a basic NSA certificate.

How does one “purchase” a basic NSA certificate. I didn’t know there was such a thing? Send me a URL if there is one, please. :wink:

Choose Your Signing Agent Package | NNA (

Are you asking about their Certification Test? If so, can’t be bought, must be passed. Of course, there is a cost. Or are you asking about Acks & Jurat ‘certificates’/forms? If so, make your own.

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It’s the NSA Certification package that includes the background check. It’s $189, and I noticed that there’s a promo code, so I was wondering if anyone had a code I can use to save some money. Anything helps you know.

If you look deeper into the Signing Agent site on NNA, you’ll see that they do not issue any certificate. Rather, they will place your name on Signing Agent signifying that you passed the exam and are ‘authorized’ to use the designation “Signing Agent”. You pay a fee for that privilege.
Again, there is no certificate issued by the NNA.

I’m more concerned on saving money on the $189 fee. I thought maybe someone knew of a code.

I’ve never seen a promo code. Maybe email them and ask about it.

So in your opinion, is it worth it? I need to get the background check.

It’s definitely worth getting at least the middle package. I bought the full package for $259 with no regrets and being on is worth it. Let your budget be your guide. Background check is surely worth it.

Sounds good, thank you for your time.

Last question for you, where did you purchase your E&O?

(CA) Merchants Bonding Company has a one-year $100,000 Notary Public Errors And Omissions Policy for $156.00. Phone 800-876-6827

I strongly recommend the $100K policy. Most signing services look for that amount. Newbies often buy only $25K and complain that they don’t get many jobs. Their E&O policy low coverage amount is sometimes why they don’t get more jobs. JMO

Please keep in mind that in order to be an NNA certified NSA, you have to take their NSA training course, pass their test and pass their background check. Basically you have to pass both! So even if you passed your test but your background check failed you cannot be their certified NSA!
There are a few people who paid for their training, passed the test but did not pass their background check!

The promo code will only be a credit they issued for an overpayment or refund of another product or service. Open your wallet…and welcome to party.