Does anyone here work with escrow companies directly?

If you do, what was your strategy to get work from them? Did you offer the first signing free of charge or Something similar?

I recommend getting Mark Wills Loan Signing System (that’s where I got my NSA training and certification, he is awesome) He teaches everything you need to know on how to get escrow officers, etc. That’s how I started working with E.O. first and not signing services.


That’s who I am with too! Gotta :heart: Mark Wills! He’s the best!

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Yes Indeed! :heart: Mark Wills. He always answer my calls and returns my emails. He has the best course on the planet. :raised_hands:t5:

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I agree! :blush:. He’s the best.

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The best what? I don’t understand is he with a with a title company?

The Loan Signing System by Mark Wills. It’s a course and he teaches how to market to escrow officers.