Does anyone know how much to charge per page printed?

Can anyone give advise on how much to charge per page that needs to be printed? I have a signing company that is requesting a charge and before I fill out the contract I just want to get some advice. Thanks.

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It depend on the amount you are printing. I have a bulk price and a package price.
How many pages it is?

Perhaps you would be better off ignoring a per page rate, providing a package rate instead. For instance: 50 pages or less - $25, 51 to 100 pages - $50, 100 to 150 pages - $75… etc. A clear statement that the print rate is IN ADDITION TO your signing rate would be necessary, so no one assumes that your printing rate is your total fee.


Hey, these are great suggestions. IF you have to give them a price, go to UPS and FedEx. Ask them what their cost would be to print 100, 130, 150 and 175 pages. Then do the math and use that as your going rate per page. UPS and FedEx are the biggies in theat area anyway and you would be competitive with their rate if this company wants to haggle on cost.

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If the context is giving them a base rate plus an amount per page if the package is over XXX pages, consider charging enough to compensate for the extra time it will take to go through the extra pages with the signer.

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Great Idea with the UPS and Fed Ex. I charge a straight fee of $20. If they do not sign and it is a shred item it is now $25.

I would never quote a per page fee according to the set your fee according to the work involved i.e. A reverse is over 300 pages x 2 copies and 2-3 hours at the signing. Then you figure in your Toner charge, paper, gas, electricity, office supplies & your hourly rate for servicing the loan

A toner cardridge runs in Texas around 80.00 and if you are busy like 3-7 signings a week you will replace your toner cartridge every 2 months.

I hope this helps.

My minimum fee for starting my car and printing their docs, getting dressed up starts at 85.00 and goes up like a reverse is 200. Firm and I’m about to go up in that fee


The standard fee has been 20 to 25 dollars per order. I will charge that as a fixed fee, but will charge more for a closing fee if the documentation is excessive. The basis of that is that you will be spending more time in the signing if there are more documents to sign. VA loans and reverse mortgages have the most documents and command a higher fee. I would quote a higher fee for those loans and the extra cost for printing will be taken care of with the total fee.