Does anyone use Mac OS for business use?

I’m just wondering if anyone prefers to use the mac over other operating systems available?

I find that I prefer my MAC iPad for field Hybrid signings.

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Me too, but perhaps that’s just because we use all IOS devices in our house.

Silly, but I’ve read on several sections that MAC isn’t recommended for notary work because it adds extra work when converting documents.

Any Opinions?

Yes, it complicates things a little but worth it in the long run for the ability to access your information and Sync between everything. I have an IPhone 12 Pr Max , my Apple Watch, my IPad Pro and my MacBook Pro. I can switch between everything and pick right up where I left off. I feel if you are an Apple lover and you want to make that work for you you can. It’s all about what works for you. I am always willing to help if anyone every has any questions.

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I use my Macbook for my notary and don’t find it to add steps at all. I do print through adobe because I find it the easiest way to print doc packages that may have both legal and letter pages. I also find it much easier to sync appointments in my iphone calendar.


I tried using MAC IOS but there were conflicts between Adobe, IOS, and Brother products that slowed me down. I invested in a PC and haven’t looked back.


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