Does it matter if I print signing documents in black and white or color?

I normally do color just in case, but does it really matter? Printing in b&w would definitely save some coins if I can get away with it.

25 years doing this and have NEVER printed in color. Not even when I have to take a photo of their ID or (prefer) they e-mail me one that I print to include w/pkg. Truth be told, I can’t–as my printer only prints in black. As long as we’re talking saving $, set your dpi as low as you can go.
Mine will go down to 300 dpi and you can NOT see the difference in the docs when using the default 600 dpi. I also print the borrower’s copy in 300 dpi/economode. It is lighter, but VERY legible and on the rare occasions when I need to swap out a screwup for a fresh one from the b’s copy… the difference is barely noticeable and I’ve never had a Lender/TC complain.


I’ve always printed with a black and white laser printer. Never had a problem. But use common sense; if one of the documents is hard to understand when it’s printed in black and white, there will be a problem.

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I feel like I’ve been doing it wrong all this time! From now on, nothing but black and white. Thanks, everyone.


Some signing instructions will specify to print only in b&w.

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You kidding me. Color. Your making NO money.
Always black & white, no matter if the docs has color on it.