Does wife need to be at signing?

I am doing my first signing tomorrow and during a confirmation call to the buyer he stated that the title company told him his wife needs to be present at the signing. She is not on the paperwork anywhere. There is one sheet I have come across so far that has an area for a witness signing. Is that something that she has to do or is that something that I can do?

I did find the wife’s name on one set of papers. It is for the VA guaranteed loan and assumption policy rider.

But now I have another question. When going through the note, the second to last page has both the husband and wife signing as well as two slots for Witnesses. Do those witness areas need to be filled in?

I don’t think Utah is what’s called a ‘witness state’ HOWEVER, the Lender may require witnesses.
Never ever be hesitant to contact hiring party for clarification as that’s where you’ll get the answer you need in order to make everyone happy with you. It’s far better to ask than to screw it up and cause a re-sign…and perhaps not even get paid!

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Why are you in this business if you don’t know those very basic questions?
So many people jumping into this business with zero mortgage or real estate experience accepting low fees and over saturating the market