Don’t know how y’all can wait 30 to 45 days to be paid

I did a signing 2 weeks ago for an TC/EO on Sept 3rd. Usually I get paid 3 to 5 business days. I sent about 3 invoices via email. When I went to my mailbox today. Check was not there. Well…TIME TO MAKE PHONE CALL. I made a phone call to the receptionist who knows me well from doing business with the TC. I Informed her I haven’t got paid and it’s 2 weeks. She then puts the EO on the phone and I told her I usually get my check in 3 to 5 business days. She said “yes, you’re right” I will tell escrow department or I will have to print myself” . About minutes later I got an email from her saying “I can pick up check or mail it”. And the receptionist called me too and told me my check was ready. I told her I will pick it up in 15min. And she apologized for me having to wait that long. NOW…with all that being said…ain’t No Way in God’s green earth I will be waiting 30 to 45 days for my MONEY. 2 weeks today to be a exact is TOO LONG already. Y’all have a blessed day!:pray:t6:


Yep! I have waited even two months. Thanks God this is a side job for me, and have steady income coming every week with hubby and I paychecks. I guess that’s the price we have to pay as newbie :confused:


You are in a very unique situation that most new folks don’t get - an in with an EO where you CAN pick up and drop off docs - however, if you ever start working with national companies (both title and signing services) you may not be able to pick up and drop off, so you’re going to get e-docs, you’re going to have to print, AND you may have to scan back - so you’ll need good equipment to get that accomplished. And many companies don’t pay as fast as this one does for you - many times it’s 2 weeks to 30 days, sometimes more - my policy was net 30 days was acceptable to me.

Kudos to you for picking up this sweet link to an EO but you can’t, as they say, “put all your eggs in one basket” - if you want the pipeline to continue you’re going to have to expand to other companies…so you may want to consider making sure you have the equipment you need to accommodate their needs. My Epson GT-S50 scans 75 pages to one file - so 2.5 scans - and it’s done quickly; dual tray printer isn’t an absolute necessity but it helps speed up the process for you and is cheaper than printing on all legal (when you have packges with mixed page sizes). Page Separator software helps that too,

Back when I was doing signings. 30 days was acceptable for payment - but I was signed up with hundreds of companies so the pipeline was always full; I got burned once - and believe it or not it was a title company - they went bankrupt on me - I just recently received a check for $10 and change for a $95 signing I did for them years ago.


I’ve been reading a lot of your posts and want to thank you for helping us, newbies :innocent:
You always have good advises! Kudos to you :clap:


Thank you Linda. Every bit of information helps.

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I know you’re new and it’s an expense - but as I was told 15 years ago “you have to spend money to make money” - and back then we didn’t have to scan back 200 pages;

In my area, it’s very rural - I have no FedEx or UPS drop boxes anywhere around me - I have 2 choices - Mailbox Store or UPS Store - both 15 miles away - so unless it’s a commercial loan or a purchase where immediate scanbacks are required, I tell them “you can have scanbacks or you can have same day dropoff but you can’t have both” - and where scanbacks were absolutely needed, there was an additional fee for that (as a matter of fact, for me it was “faxbacks” - now you wanna talk about SLOW!)

Thank you for the kind words…I’m happy to help you if I can. And sometimes I come across very blunt - I don’t mean to offend - I just get in such a hurry to get my point across I forget myself. So my apologies if I do offend…in advance! :smiley:


It has been slow for me since August. Yep. Thank God for my hubby’s job too.