Done Deal Home Buyers (FIELD INSPECTION)

I completed a home inspection with this company on February 19, 2024. I am supposed to have been paid $70 for the interior and exterior inspection. Does anyone know about this company? I have sent emails requesting to be funded, and it seems they are ignoring me. Is this company a SCAM?

Hi Euchea, in my state (Washington), the duties/qualifications of a field inspector, notary public, and notary signing agent are very specific.

Make sure you follow the law for the state you are in (New Mexico): How to Become a Licensed Home Inspector in New Mexico - InterNACHI®.

Done Deal Home Buyers LLC appears to be an investment company in Martinsville, Virginia and I can’t speak as to its “validity” but hmmm… I can tell you if the request came to me, I would politely decline.

As a notary public/notary signing agent, you are going to get all sorts of bizarre and sketchy requests from companies and individuals from all over the USA. They don’t necessarily check to see if what they are asking YOU to do is in keeping with your state’s laws, rules, etc. I urge all notaries to CYA and make sure they are following the law, rules, regs of the state they reside.


Hi Carmen ~ I’m also in WA State. In addition to Notary duties I have worked for large construction companies in WA and CA States. Definite requirements in these states for home inspectors. I also flipped houses for a while and my home inspectors were licensed inspectors, provided reports with descriptions of issues with homes and shared photos. Any company requesting less than this type of inspection personally I would regard as a scam. Not sure of other states requirements.

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Yes, different state, different rules.
This is what I am cautioning. Advice posted here might not work for every notary, depending on the state they are in.

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