Done Rite Signings BEWARE

I worked for this company the first week of September 2018. I have yet to receive any payment. I got an order for them through SnapDocs. I have emailed and called and put messages on the order and still no response. I would recommend being very careful taking any work from them.

Is it possible that it was a 45-60 day payout? I realize 45 days is just about up? They should respond to you though.

I actually finally heard from them yesterday and they said payment is being sent out again. So, we will see. I will update once I receive it.

I’ve done work for them. They’ve been a little slower to pay since times have been slower, but they finally paid a little later than normal. If they said payment went out, I would believe them.

Yes they did finally pay 2 days ago. So I would change my review on them at this point. What I don’t like is that it took 4 emails and calls to get a response over a period of 10 days.

I usually give a company 45 to 60 days to pay. I did a job foe Done Rite and emailed them for a pay status. They responded right away and said they will be sending an Echeck. Hopefully I’ll get it in the next day or so. Will see…

I have 2 outstanding, unpaid jobs with them. One is from January of 2018, and the other is from May of 2018. I send them a request every month via Snap Docs as requested, and every month I get no response. I have done jobs for them where they have paid, but they are slow. Accept at your own risk…

Does anyone have a good email for Done Rite Signings? The
email on their website is no good.

I just got paid from Done Rite after 70 days. They never responded to my requests for payment. I wonder what makes these signing services so passive aggressive to us hardworking Notaries… I have crossed this company off my list.