Dot loop error

Hi everyone! I received an assignment today and it is through dot loop. I’ve been trying to login and download the document but it keeps saying the server is busy. I’ve tried to contact the person who originally emailed me but was wondering if anyone had any expertise on this platform. Thank you

I experienced the same. Afterward the email was flagged as phishing, which concerned me. The sender never replied after that message, however I did receive 2 previous message from them before.

Ok this is very weird. That happened last night too. Now I think my business email is compromised. Interesting, they said they found me here in Notary Cafe. Not sure how to handle next.

Yea I’m just keeping a close eye on it now! Hate scammers!!!

When I haven’t heard about a signing service or TC first thing I do before answering their emails is to come to Notary Café and search or ask if anyone have ever done any business with them.

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