Double signing?

I recently replied to a SS order for a Sellers Signing at $125. I was awarded the signing and the docs were sent but no instructions. The doc were 3 pdfs, 2 of the pdfs looked identical. I asked a few questions on the SS chat with no reply (8pm Friday). It was made aware to me by the signer that there’s 2 properties being sold. Would this be considered 2 signings (for the price of 1)?

If you’re signing two separate document packages then, yes, two signings - but call the SS or whoever and clarify - if so renegotiate your fee to compensate you properly.


Haven’t had one of these in a very long time. In the past, generally (unless you get lucky or are a very good negotiator) they normally wanted the travel fee knocked off the 2nd pkg. fee. Which makes sense as you’re only traveling one time; not 2 separate trips.
Am a bit confused by your statement: The doc were 3 pdfs, 2 of the pdfs looked identical. (1 pdf for Property A and 2 pdfs for ??? Maybe 1 pdf was just a shipping label?

I’m thinking of you and wish you a great day!


I had one recently that did something like this to me. They said it was a simple purchase but neglected to mention the seller would be there as well to sign their docs. I found out when I contacted to confirm info. I didn’t say anything about fees but did question if this was both a seller and borrower. They actually increased my fee $25 without me even asking. For me this was not even a big deal. Total pages was less than 150 for both of them. I think if they are doing something like this it should be done as a dual or at least an add on.

You are correct, the 3rd was a shipping label.

Night time Signings can be Real Annoying at times…No one Available to answer questions, etc! first off $125 is a Good Fee for a Seller signing which is Normally only 50 - 65 pgs and if you have 2 Pkgs still not bad…But as I eluded to there’s several variables to consider…Distance is always one for me. I hope it went well and Even Better these are easy & Good practice, etc :slight_smile: