Driver's License Front and Back

I’m just starting out and signing up with as many Signing Services as I can… I would like to have a list that will work with fresh starters, but I will eventually get enough signed up with to get started.

Anyway, there have been a few SS that have requested a photo of the front and back sides of my driver’s license. Can anyone tell me why they need both the front and back? I’ve read that identity theft can happen by providing the front and back of a person’s driver’s license. Just wanting to see what other’s think.

Can’t really help you with many of your needs but really don’t understand why any SS wants or needs a copy of a DL, much less both front & back. Most co. (SS & TC) require the NNA background check–part of which IS a check of your driving record–hence the need for a copy of the face of DL. Info on back of DL probably varies by state…I dunno…all that’s on the back of mine is an explanation of the ‘codes on the face’ (I need glasses, but don’t see how that info contributes to identity theft.) In my experience, only 1 recent co. wanted the back–which I didn’t include, but am still in their database. Could be just a ‘no-thought-involved’ request???

I started doing this way before all the relatively new ‘credential’ requirements came into being and admit that I objected to all the NPPI info they suddenly wanted until I understood that, at that time, the CFPB (very vague & open to various interpretations) rules made it necessary. I also got into quite a discussion with a very large well-known title co. about their new supposedly CFBP-compliant contract–and, after they actually were forced to THINK about the absurdity of it, they changed it to something more rational.


Personally, there is no need to provide a copy of the front-side your ID nor of the back . . .

As Arichter stated above, this data has already been validated & verified via your background check.

If you DO decide to provide them with a copy of your ID, ctxlsa, be sure you redact [mark thru/erase] your non-public private identifying information [NPPI]; i.e., your date of birth, driver’s license #, etc. to preclude the possibility of use for identity theft purposes. :white_check_mark:

Thanks for the responses.

You are right, and someone can steal your identity with just some clicks if they have a good photo with the front and the back photo of your id, so you should be very attentive with what platforms you use. However, some legit platforms ask both parties to give it to a fake id checker. In this way, they want to make sure you aren’t any robot, and your id isn’t a fake one. If the platform you used isn’t a scam or isn’t something that looks like one, you shouldn’t worry about this part. However, you can read their terms and conditions, and there should be written why they need the photos.