Dual Tray Printer with Scanner

I have read several post about dual tray printer’s and I have been looking at many of them. I’m not seeing that any of them have an automatic scanner on them. I currently print loan closings on lega/letter but also have to do scanbacks when I return…

You will have to buy a stand alone scanner or purchase a multipurpose printer with scanning capabilities.

I use the Brother MFC-L6800DW with dual trays. Prints like a beast and scans efficiently.

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Almost all dual tray printers are out of stock unless you want to pay triple the price, if you can find one.

I see that. That was not the issue 6 months ago. Might have to wait until the manufacturer stocks back up.

Have you checked on the Newegg website? They had more laser printers than other sites when I was shopping. I have a separate scanner on my long time color inkjet printer so I did not purchase a scanner. I only purchased high capacity laser dual printer by the Brother brand. I use an online service when I need fax. For scanning I like the Note app on my iPhone. If you do purchase a scanner, I’ll warn you because this happened to me (luckily not a work document) but in a self feeder scan — it chewed up the documents. Another reason I like phone scanning.

That is for certain. I ordered mine back in February and here it is May and I won’t receive it until May 28. I have had to tell three Signing Agencies that I could not do their jobs because I did not have my printer yet. Very frustrating! But it is because of all these COVID-19 shutdowns. Just have to wait it out. It will be worth it when I get my new printer.

Karen Gonzales
Merced, CA

Brother has some refurbished scanners. Only printers are on Amazon. The 6200 dwt (two trays) is $715 plus tax. Used t be $319

I’m fine with my canon duel printer gets the job done and it wasent very expensive but people still complain about it people will always have something to complain about anything unbelievable

Which one to you use, Borunda?

Canon MF743CDW is the one that I use

I just wanted to update my experience with the dual tray printer situation. I had ordered one from Insight.com. I never did receive the one I originally ordered. After five months and losing thousands of potential signings and multiple promises (it will be there on x date) I finally cancelled my order with them and ordered one from Amazon.com. I had my refurbished Brother HL-6200 DW in about two weeks and then easily installed and had it on-line in about two days. Now I can print documents and do business. All this Covid stuff has really stifled business but I have persevered. My Brother does not have scanning capability but I have a Canon for that.

That’s great news! I agree, the brother printers are reliable and make printing efficient! I also use a separate scanner from my HP printer.

I have a brother L6200DW, I can’t seem to figure out how to print legal and letter size in one print. Or they have to be done separately ?