E-Check Driving Me Crazy

Hello All,

I am still fairly new to the notary field. Just recently, I performed a GNS for a client and was sent an e-check for payment via my email.

I followed the directions for deposit by endorsing the back of check and then submitting via my bank’s mobile app. When that didn’t work, I went ahead and took the check physically to my bank. I bank with Navy Fed and they told me I would have to request a different type of check as they no longer endorse e-checks.

Any advice is tremendously appreciated!

Hi Andrew,
Since I’ve been in business (2009) no one has given me an e-check, although I did get one bad check in all those years. I simply asked them to replace it and they did (along with any fees). I suggest you do the same with your client. Let them know your bank is not accepting their payment and you need another type (cash, physical checks and paypal are what I accept).
Also, I’m not sure what GNS means? (general notary service maybe?) If so, and this was a direct client, you should have received payment at the appointment. I let clients know up front it will be cash or check and I have never had a problem.
Hope this helps and good luck!

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This is a Navy Fed thing, and a few other branches. IF at all possible to open an account elsewhere, I use Chevron FCU as they allow E-checks and transfer it over to my main bank. NOT ideal. But a lot of my clients opt for e-checks as it’s a cheaper service for them via Bill/Plaid for these SC that are cutting costs. Cash App and Venmo both allow deposits of these checks if you open their debit card account. Depending on your business volume that will be getting e-checks whether you do that as you normally don’t have to “open” anything as they already verified you if you have their apps/accounts opened. Then you could transfer the funds to your credit union. On my end, I have about 50% doing direct deposit while the other are checks, and probably 80% of those being e-checks. I do hold the e-Checks for clearance longer (90 days in my pending deposit folder vs, printed checks which I file away immediately as I deposit via mobile).


The Same here Prestiage Notary have a problem paying you, they still owe me money back from 2021 they also owe my husband 2023 the won’t return emails , be ware of them and I’m not new at this

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My bank will not except e-checks they end up being a problem, and the signing provider will not make it right

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I get e-checks from several signing services and there is a direct deposit and instant funds transfer option you can choose for e-checks. They do take a fee for transferring payments this way which sucks but it avoids the issue with printing your own checks and having issues with deposits. Hope this helps!


I called and spoke to one of their associates. I was told that I needed to have an account on https://checkbook.io/ so they can pay. Haven’t been paid yet.

If people want to pay, via e-checks, simply let them know that you no longer accept them, however, they could Cash-app you; which is just as speedy.

Hi, thank you. Where is this service?

Some e-checks aren’t accepted via mobile deposit depending on the bank.

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I get a lot of e-checks. So i purchased blank checks and print them out and then every bank/mobile deposit accepts them. Just make sure you set it to full size so the account number prints in the white area.

A huge box of blank checks is less than $20

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You might want to try opening an account at another bank. I’ve never had a problem depositing an echeck, online or in person.

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Andrew, If you’re talking about Deluxe e-checks, I have one tip (depending on why the mobile deposit did not accept the checks) to pass along.

I found one particular remitter’s checks were not accepted. When I looked a little closer, I observed the MICR encoding (routing number, account number and check number) was printed a little too high on the check. For those who don’t know, these checks are intentionally printed upside down. So, the check itself was printed a little too low on the page.

When I trimmed about an 1/8" off the bottom of the check (which had the effect of the MICR encoding printing slightly closer to the bottom of the check), the checks were accepted without further issues.