E&O amount changed w/o permission?

Has anyone had their E&O policy increased by the company on their own, without permission?

I got a renewal and the amount of coverage has increased. I have actually never spoken to them…ever. I purchased my policy online and this is the second renewal.

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Might be related to a change in your State’s law regarding this ???

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I checked the SOS’s website & FB page & don’t see anything.
I also checked the NNA’s website & they still show amounts for my state as low as $10k.

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Agree with Arichter. Many states increasing insurance BUT legally must notify you in writing. Check out insurance company rating online. Recommend A+ rating for any company I use. Fortunately, before I retired from my day job worked with 65 underwriters and used WA State company for bond and E&O insurances ~ Western Surety. I was aware of their reputation for claims and following the rules of law. Want to share with you insurance glossary information link ~ Irmi.com This web page has a wealth of free information.


Okay…p!ease clarify…are we talking E&O or bond?? Bond requirements are regulated by the state … E&O not usually required unless required for RON commissions

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E&O only. I’m in NC and no bond is required.

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How much did you have or want and what did they increase it to? 10K doesn’t meet minimum required for loan signing work (25K) and some companies want way more. Who did you order it from/thru? We all are just taking wild guesses here. Perhaps some facts would help.

Had 25k and they increased it to 50k.

Maybe that company decided to no longer issue policies for less than 50k? Regardless, you should have been notified in writing in advance so you could explore your options.

They did do that part. The policy renewal is 3/01/24.
I copied this from the renewal email. It addresses the premium increase but says “same policy” & doesn’t mention the increase in coverage. I saw the change when reading the attachments.

Why your premium may have increased


Inflation hikes1


Increase in natural disasters2

Same policy, new insurance premiums — how can that be? External influences like these can impact the cost of related services and claims leading to higher premiums.

I have no idea how the above post ended up w/larger font & in bold.

Wish I knew.

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I’d just ask them why they increased the coverage amount. Sounds like an error on their part.

I plan to. I just saw it on Friday evening & it was too late to call them so I posted the question here in the meantime to see if this is something that is normal.

The funny thing is…I was already thinking about increasing my E&O.

I just don’t like the fact that they did it without my permission.

You may need to go with another company. I have been with Biberk for 5 and half years for E&O no price hike. I have $1M for 36.50 a month.

I did have Biberk for the first year that I did signings. But I stopped doing them for about a year & a half & didn’t renew that policy. I decided to keep an E&O policy in case I started back doing signings, which I have.

I called them & apparently there’s language built into the wording when you purchase a policy that says they have the ability to increase the coverage on their own, but I am not obligated to the increase…I can change it back to 25k. I am going to keep the 50k.

That BS. You buy what you want, not what they want.

I only know to be Fidelity approved , I had to INCREASE my E&O for 2024 up to $100,000.00 . I only buy & renew through National Notary Association .If not Fidelity approved you wont get certain jobs, bank, loans, seller doc’s.

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what state are you in that you don’t need E & O insurance?

As in my name … Florida … Requires bond only for traditional notary commission…E&O required for RON commission

I thought you were yelling! Hahaha it pays not to make assumptions :grin: