E-signing and hybrid signings

What are the feeling out there in regards to e-signings and hybrid signing that are being rolled out for notaries

PITA, imho. More equipment needed that has to be dragged along; messing with getting connected, shoving the equipment back & forth around a (hopefully) table & not some rickety TV tray. As time goes on, I believe they’ll be offering less & less because, ya know, you don’t have to print so much.(So what? You’re still downloading & printing some! The fact that they take more table time will be overlooked. But, there are some notaries who like them. Varying experiences probably depend quite a bit on the demographics of the signer. Young & computer-literate or older & wary.

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I do a lot of these. Small amount to prints. Borrowers are very smart comfortable with technology. I enjoy these assignments, am paid well for them/scope of work. I’ll take all I can get.


@Prosigner2005: What would you suggest is needed to start doing these?.. in the form of equipment and such?

I use Apple iPad Pro. Borrowers like it. Ease of use. If I can’t connect with my wifi, they will connect with theirs.

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Quicken loans has reduced their fee by $10 because there is less to print

Gee, what a surprise~~ What does an Apple IPad Pro cost to enable a notary to accept a reduced fee?

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i wont do them for AMrock and QUicken as they lowered their fee that 10$. ironically, it takes longer to do these than all paper. using an ipad would be good if compatible.

I love the hybrid signings. I use an Amazon Fire 10 and print about 30 pages only. These signing take maybe 15 minutes and its awesome!


What app/software is used for these, for example, if using an ipad? How is an electronic notary seal obtained, and is there any training in regards to this type of signing?

Waste of time. If they offered more money I’d do them.

Are NSA’a being paid less for Hybrid signings?

Excellent take on the true reasons for not going there. Our cost and liability too great for so little money.

Study RULONA as pertaining to your state. Not all are as restrictive as California, land of the litigious.

Hybrids seem to be devolving more and more to simply going out with the paper side - no electronics required. Amrock and Quicken aside, of course. Any decent tablet with WIFI can link to a program. I have a Samsung. My added hardware is a Jetpack MIFI, because much of my territory has limited WIFI, and the hotspot via my cell is tooooo slooooow.

I have severe arthritis and no hope of joint replacement. RON to me means that as my mobility decreases, I can keep my business alive.

I save both the recordings and journal prints, as required by the laws of my state. I read the disclaimers before accepting. I follow the instructions provided. And I keep those, too.

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