E-Signing Questions

I am a Notary in California. We are a little behind the times where E-Signing is concerned.
What I want to know… Do you like E-signing when it comes to Loan Docs? Is it easier, harder?
Let me know please.
Thank you,

Elaine Murray

you end up doing double the work for the same money

Printing costs are less - here in WA I’m printing the note, the deed/riders, the NRTC and the ID forms. Everything else is signed on the screen. However, there is more upfront time. Trying to do an e-signing effectively with just one quick confirmation call to the signer is a quick trip to frustration; you’ll get to the table to find that one of them has not yet received their certification ID, or they have never logged in at all, or they have not done their preliminary docs.

I’m learning that to keep the signing smooth and professional, I have to take the point in preparing the signer prior to my arrival. That means a second, possibly a third, even a fourth call to confirm that all is ready on their end before I arrive. The notary is generally linked in to the emails flying back and forth during the last few days, so if you pay attention you know the status and any barriers.

Field implementation is not the traditional role of a Signing Agent, but probably one we are going to fill more often in the future.

I feel the additional time spent preparing for the e-signing offsets the lower print costs. You will still scan the signed docs back, you will still package them and send them out, you will still drive the same distance, and honestly, given that you have to set up your laptop, log in, go through the certification process with each signer as well as yourself… it doesn’t save much time at the table. With the latest WPS2 hacker scare, lenders are demanding higher security standards, so prepare yourself with VPN software - that is an additional cost. If the signer has very slow Wi-Fi or no Wi-Fi, you will end up using a mobile hotspot - another cost.

I ask the same rate, and receive it.