Earn $66,000 a year?

I saw an article today that was entitled “This Retiree’s Leisurely Side Hustle Makes $66,000 a Year and, ‘You Don’t Even Need to Go to High School to Do It’“ it was touting jobs as a Signing Agent as a side hustle and over $125,000 full-time. $2,000-$6000 a month. Who writes these articles? Does anybody make that much? I realize I live rural with less opportunities but huh! It was in Entrepreneur magazine written by Frances Dodds | March 01, 2024.

The short answer is no. The current market won’t support this, when signing fees are on then decline.


Ms. Dodds is Deputy Editor of Entrepreneur Magazine and has her MFA in Creative Writing from Columbia University according to her LinkedIn page. Essentially, someone pitches her an idea, and she writes about it as evidenced by her diverse subject matter. Meeting deadlines in the publishing industry often results in unsubstantiated content that fills up otherwise empty space.


In most states you don’t even need to be able to spell “notary public” to be a notary public.

The United States Supreme Court, in the case of Bernal v Fainter, decided in 1984, that a notary applicant does not have to be a United States citizen . The resident alien notary applicant must be in the country legally, however.

That’s so funny. The writer’s objective is to catch people’s attention and get them to read her publication. If we do the math, it’s possible to make $66,000 a year. The real question becomes, what’s the probability of a LSA getting 5 assignments per day, paying $50 for the next 52 weeks without fail? Oh, by the way, operating costs will not considered. So, it’s highly unlikely…


Person is blowing smoke up your backside. Lesson to learn can’t believe everything you read either in a book or on the internet. History, science, and many other books are also have errors. Not trying to sound negative just need to do your homework. Much more fun to read books for pleasure. :grinning:


Yes I knew that. No reason to criticize. Just sharing what I saw. But sure would be nice. Lots of what we see on the internet is there so they can fill a page. Alternative facts need to be removed.

Didxanybody think to write the author to correct the article.
That is a somewhat reputable magazine.
I doubt they would be happy to know they have published false information

Write the magazine editor in chief, ms dodds and the publisher
About what rubbish her article was and is
The info is available in any issue or the website

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In my days no editor ever wrote a piece without verifying the information


Can you post a link to the ridiculous article?


Follow the money. Sells classes.


And that type of article brings in more unknowing notaries that take low prices. Rinse and repeat.

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I totally agree about the ridiculous selling scam of those ads cuz doing reputable notary work isn’t all that easy!

Although I would also say that I am lucky enough to live in a stupid affluent area (San Francisco Bay Area - land of tech wealth) and I make a more money from my travel fees than I do from my notary work. Always a good idea (for me anyway) to revisit what I charge to fight traffic, find parking on twisty canyon road in the pitch black night, dealing with rain etc etc becuase my travel effort is worth something.

Mark Wills is pushing this , why? because he is a good sales man, tik toker and has good gift of the gab, from what I understand he pays people to say his course will turn you into a 6 figure notary! At one point this was accurate! Ive made anywhere from 50k to 75k per year back to back for a few years in a row from 2010-2021 however for the last 2 this is not possible I ended up taking a part-time job from being a full time notary! The current market, inflation and fees paid to notaries makes it hard to earn a living on these days . Especially if you’re in California which is where I am. Loan Signings are being offered at the same rate from 10 years ago, or even lower. I met another notary at Fed Ex last month, she’s been doing this longer than me, she said is finally ready to quit because she is now in her 70;s and cannot keep up she is also a retiree .


Now he’s pushing 1/2 mil. Simply start your own SS. Of course, he doesn’t mention that many small, local TCs do NOT pay a dime on no-signs; nor that you should have a LOT of money and not depend upon being paid before you can pay the notary. Which explains why so MANY SS have extreme delays in payment and why they want (need) to keep as much as possible in their pocket.


@Arichter Concur :100:percent. :partying_face: Truer words were never spoken/posted.


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So, am I to conclude that most Signing Agents don’t make enough income to support themselves? Thank God I haven’t invested too much in to this yet. :unamused:

@Reachus Those are the reports from various sites and FB groups. I got out of them several years ago … only do GNW now